Bobbi Kristina Brown's Friend Who Found Her OD'd Suffers The Same Fate

Drugs are claiming too many lives. The opioid epidemic continues to tear into the heart and soul of America. Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, died three years ago due to an overdose. The details of her death are hazy, but her friend Max Lomas was the one to find her body in her bathtub prior to her death. Bobbi died after a struggle with irreversible brain damage left her in a coma for months. Lomas was accused of supplying Bobbi with the drugs that caused her death, but he was never officially charged. According to TMZ, now Lomas has suffered the same fate as his friend. 

A law enforcement source in Mississippi told TMZ that Lomas was at a friend's home on Wednesday when he went to use the bathroom. His friend became concerned when Lomas wouldn't come out of the bathroom or respond, and so he entered the restroom to find him passed out on the ground. Allegedly, a syringe was nearby his body. Lomas was rushed to the hospital, where he died. It is unclear what drug caused Lomas' overdose, although the needle causes speculation that heroin was the culprit. Bobbi had morphine, cocaine, alcohol, and prescription drugs in her system when she was found.


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