Bonnie X Clyde Went So Hard At House Party After SMF Cancellation – They Made Fox News

Bonnie X Clyde had a decision to make following the cancellation Sunset Music Festival this last weekend. Tampa Bay police shut down the festival's second day before it could even begin due to the threat an incoming severe storm system. Fans were devastated, they were beyond excited to see their favorite acts, and then out nowhere – it was over. Frustration only increased when the storm system ended up not even hitting Tampa Bay. Bonnie X Clyde saw this frustration and decided to go the extra mile for the fans. By some accounts – they went too far.

Bonnie X Clyde Bring The Party Where They Go

The duo played after parties all night long, but at one point they decided to crash a house party – what happened next is nothing short Project X status. The party got so intense that cops were called by neighbors when at first dozens – THEN HUNDREDS fans showed up at the house in the sleepy Tampa neighborhood.

While everything came to a peaceful conclusion, the party was so epic it ended up making the local Fox news affiliate. While some neighbors were a little more annoyed than others – it seems that everyone had a positive outlook on the situation. It will no doubt go down as a life long memory for everyone involved.

Check out the news report below.

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