Boo From “Monsters Inc” Is All Grown Up—And She Planned a Music Festival

There's more to life than scaring. And for Mary Gibbs, the voice behind Boo in Monsters Inc., raving is her chosen second act. 

Now known as Visual Boo, the 25-year-old is not just an event producer and cinematographer, but also a seasoned fire-twirler and VJ. Gibbs is currently gearing up for the fourth iteration of her HYRE Fire & Flow Festival, which is scheduled to take place November 12-14 in Apple Valley, California. 

DJs and performers slated for the Burning Man-style desert camping event include DJ Zorro, Dub Sum Damage, Mikey High Jinks and PHNX, as well as Visual Boo herself. There will also be a handful of workshops on topics like hooping, clowning, yoga and nunchucks, as well as a Sunday night family dinner. 

"[My partner and I] based the name on 'Pyre,' an ancient ceremonial cremation. It's an honor to the cycle of life and all of the incredible synchronicities that happen throughout the journey," Gibbs wrote on social media. "Our mission is to create a space for people to explore, collaborate and grow."

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Three- and single-day tickets for HYRE Fire & Flow Festival are on sale now, including an add-on a healing massage and reiki package. Check them out here.



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