Booker T Believes Hulk Hogan Deserves 2nd Chance In WWE Despite N-Word Scandal

Hulk Hogan has been trying late, to make amends for racist remarks he made in 2006 when he was unwittingly recorded using the N-Word to describe his daughter's boyfriend. He made the extra effort during an acceptance speech during his induction to the Boys & Girls Club Hall Fame, several weeks ago. Hulk Hogan used the occasion to lead by example, telling those attendance, like he has in the past: "This is not who I am."

TMZ caught up with Booker T, Hogan's long time friend, and a person in a good position to add commentary given his status as pressional wrestler and a person color. The reporter asked Booker T if they thought old wrestlers deserved a second shot in the ring, to which he responded by asking for specifics. The reporter alluded to Hulk Hogan, and Booker agreed the Hulkster was deserving a 2nd chance because he was "a great ambassador the game." The reporter then brought up the aforementioned racial slur, expecting the conversation to change course. "Everbody deserves a second chance, it's what life is all about," Booker responded before explaining that he'd welcome his friend with open arms. Booker T has held a position with the company since he made the jump from WCW at the turn the Century. These days he spends his days at WWE providing color commentary on Pay-Per-View broadcasts and Network Specials. Hulk Hogan's return to the company he helped build is reportedly close to being finalized.

Stay tuned.

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