Boosie Badazz Thinks Eric Holder Ended Nipsey Hussle Over a Selfie

Boosie Badazz has been a big advocate of leaving your hood after you get big because the haters you came up with will bring you down.

"You got to surround yourself with heavy artillery when you go to your neighborhood ... This is how it got to be, you're a celebrity," he reiterated in an interview with Vlad TV.

Then he presented his theory on why Eric Holder killed Nipsey Hussle, who died in his old neighborhood. 

"He was hypnotized with hatred. His girl, who had been loving, she done took a selfie with Nipsey. He ain't never seen her that happy in her life," Boosie said.

Vlad brought up the more popular theory on why Holder started shooting: Nip called him a rat.

"If you know you are a rat, him telling you you a snitch was not the total reason," Boosie argued. Not even close to the reason he killed Nipsey ... [Holder] been wanting to rap. He been wanted to be a boss like Nip. He was hypnotized man."

Boosie added that Holder coming back to shoot Nipsey proves his issues with Nip were more deep-seated than a comment about snitching.

Do you think Boosie is on to something? Jump to the five-minute mark to hear his words on Holder and Nip.

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