Borgore and SVDDEN DEATH Team Up For A Filthy New Riddim Track: LISTEN

Borgore made headlines in the summer 2017 when he dropped a new release exclusively on Pornhub. That little PR stunt helped him create one the most talked about releases in the history dance music. That being said, while Borgore knows how to get people talking, he knows damn well how to make some absolute filth.

In his latest release he teamed up with SVDDEN DEATH to put the rip roaring dubstep tune – ‘Svddengore'. The track borders on the edge full scale Riddim for it's many rhythmic elements throughout, and will undoubtedly melt your face. For many this collaboration is something they have been dreaming about for years, and shockingly it easily lives up to the hype. Check out the track below, as we patiently await for the next antics from one EDM's favorite talking points.

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