Boston Celtics Legend Bill Russell Rushed To Hospital

Bill Russell is one the most treasured members the Basketball community. Late Friday night, he was rushed to the hospital for dehydration. Apparently, the Celtics legend was having heart trouble and shortness breath before the decision was made to call an ambulance. Russell was then transported to nearby Seattle-area hospital. As this writing, Russell remains hospitalized but is expected check out today, if he hasn't already, the overnight procedure a precaution to monitor his breath.  

The 11-time NBA Champ made his most recent public appearance at a Celtics at a playf game several weeks ago against the Philadelphia 76ers where he seemed in good spirits. He continues to be implicated in the affairs a franchise he helped bolster from the ground up. The 1960's Celtics teams led by Russell and coached by Red Auerbach are regarded as the first dynasty team to grace the NBA, in the pre-expansion era never the less. Management loaded the cabinet with scoring options, allowing Russell to fully concentrate on guarding the paint. He did so at a historically high level.

Audio the emergency has been made available to TMZ; Our hope is that his condition improves. Russell was last hospitalized in 2014 after collapsing at a speaking gig in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

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