Bow Wow Exposed For Allegedly Photoshopping Fake Abs On His Pictures

Bow Wow always manages to find himself in the weirdest situations. It can be argued that he's the one getting himself in all this trouble too. Living life as a celebrity is not for everybody. You've got to conform to the ideals set forth by the media and some people just aren't comfortable highlighting their true selves. There has always been something going on with Bow Wow and it all came crumbling down with the #BowWowChallenge. The entertainer posted a photo of himself next to a private jet (that he did not board) and people went absolutely nuts. His entire social media history was called into question by people who analyzed every single little detail in his photos, clowning Shad Moss whenever they could. Now, a new #BowWowChallenge moment has emerged with the internet dragging Bow Wow for allegedly photoshopping a six-pack onto his torso.

As reported by Bossip, the rapper has been exposed in another controversy. This time, it would appear as though he's been editing abs onto his shirtless photos. The performer posted a photo of himself over the weekend, showing him with a six-pack. Nobody really cared because he's always stayed in good shape. However, when legit photos from the event started circling the web, there was no six-pack in sight. 

Understandably, the photo has now been wiped from his page and people are joking about how he seemingly tried to dupe us all into believing he's been spending copious amounts of time in the gym. Poor Bow Wow. The dude just can't catch a break.

In other Bow Wow-related news, he got his car windows smashed while he was at work last week, showing off the damages on Instagram.

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