Bow Wow Shares His Secret For Looking So Young At 32-Years-Old

Bow Wow has publicly stated how much he loves his girl Kiyo Leslie and how much he wants to give her the world. When it was her birthday months ago, he surprised her with a private getaway and shared it all over Instagram with some loveable captions. "We’ve done so much in so little time. You deserve everything and as your husband ima make sure that. Baby wait til the world sees your talent. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU CAN DO," he said.

Although it seems like Bow may be doing it all for his main chick, she's also doing the most when it comes to keeping Bow looking young and fit.  Bow Wow hopped on Twitter and shared a photo himself with a caption sharing his secret to looking 16-years-old when he's 32. "31 but look 16. Whats the secret? GOOD SEX," he said. 

In other Bow news, he recently defended Lil Tay and her crazy antics. The Like Mike child star said her infamous attitude and constant flex on the haters is a way for her to provide for the family. It sounds like Bow could be speaking from experience. 

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