BriGuel Is Here To Offer “Sweet Relief”

The NYC-based duo BriGuel release their latest hit, and we could not be any more excited. The captivating single titled “Sweet Relief” has BriGuel skyrocketing in popularity among music fans. But that’s not all. Thanks to their persistence, ever-evolving creativity, and in-tune-with-their-times lyrical vision, the duo is breaking walls and taking names.

By merging elements of dream pop, rap, electro, and R&B, the artist-couple create the ideal soundscapes for them to essentially layer over their conscious lyrics, often arising from their own life experiences and coming from a deeper place of the soul.

This time, Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern—hence the name BriGuel—have once again demonstrated their unique set of skills with a record that delivers both a thoughtful message and chill-out vibes.

“Sweet Relief” values this experience and supports the simultaneous vulnerability and beauty in it. The couple explains through the song that is not the same: being alone and being lonely. While this year was challenging, that should not stop anyone from finding their inner peace and finding that sweet relief.

With every word carefully chosen and placed, BriGuel showcases their innate connection with poetry, as Brianne’s tremendous vocals voice immediately moves the soul.

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