BROHUG Keeps The Brohouse Movement Going With Their 'Sinner' EP

Swedish trio Brohug, known for creating genre-bending masterpieces and cementing their own unique mark on the dance scene are back with another Brohouse special – the ‘Sinner' EP out now on their very own Brohouse Records.

The EP consists two monumental tracks, Saints, and Sinner. Saints infuses lively
synths and a glorifying beat composing Saints as the more spirited version the two
whereas Sinner boasts dark rumbles and hard-hitting drums showcasing Brohug’s
remarkable capability to experiment and merge sounds into electrifying bangers.

Brohug’s aims are to push boundaries and bring back authenticity to music,
incorporating all genres from around the world. The trio are already on the road to
greatness, with their massive 2017 success, including my personal favorite festival track  2017 “If I'm Wrong”.

it’s clear that this year is already set to look even bigger for Brohug. With their unique
sound, and complex productions, Brohug bring something new to the table and we
can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves in the coming months.
Check out the Sinner EP from the tremendous trio Brohug, out now on Brohouse



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