Bryson Tiller Says He Regrets Using Real Name As Stage Name

Bryson Tiller may not be giving us the music that we've been longing for, but he did give fans a chance to ask some questions yesterday in a Q&A on Instagram. During which, one fan asked Bryson “what’s the one thing he regrets?” His answer? “Making my real name my stage name lol,” he replied with.

As for Bryson’s music, he’s been teasing a Serenity album for a long time now, but we’ve yet to hear any new music. Last month, he teased the trailer for it, but yet we’re still left with no updates or anything to look forward to. However, based on yesterday’s Q&A and some recent tweets, one might think he’s slowly getting back into the swing of things.

This all comes just weeks after reports surfaced saying Bryson was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Kendra Bailey. Maybe that’s what’s been holding up the music? We'll continue to keep you posted.

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