Bryson Tiller Says His Last Album Under Performed Because Of His Depression

Bryson Tiller had an incredible come up in 2015, with the release his debut album, Trapsoul, which reached number eight on the Billboard charts and earned him a Grammy nomination. His second album, True To Self, debuted at number one on the Billboard chart, but seemingly didn't have the same impact that Trapsoul did, and Bryson thinks he knows why.

Today on Twitter, a fan on Tiller's posted some screenshots conversations Tiller was having with fans online. The fans claimed that he showed them no loyalty by not dropping any music this year, and that he fell f. While neither claim was especially warranted, the internet always brings out the worst in people, and Tiller responded gracefully and even agreed that he had, in fact, fell f. 

Tiller saw that tweet and decided to explain himself. He says that he was in a depression after the release  Trapsoul and therefore was in a negative state mind when he made True To Self. He then claims that the album reception suffered as a result. 

Depression can be incredibly debilitating, and the myth that only good art can arise suffering is a harmful and plainly untrue idea. That Bryson even managed to create a number one album while suffering from depression is something that should be congratulated.

He does end the tweet on a hopeful note, however. 

"Depression ended in 2017 and i been working hard ever since. stay tuned," said Tiller. 

Hopefully Tiller can prove his detractors wrong whenever his next project drops.  

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