Bun B Praises Travis Scott: "There's Something Special About Him"

Few rappers can say they've reached the pinnacle of respect among their peers. Bun B, however, can boast exactly that. With a storied career, a legendary run in UGK, and a sharp, focused mind, Bun has consistently proven himself to be one of the game's realest. Today, Bun has sat down with XXL for their Views segment, where he proceeds to dole out wisdom on the game like only he can. The rapper kicks things off with an interesting analysis on hip-hop's fixation on jewelry, a topic that resonates for many rappers of today.

"Obviously, when I was their age, I did the same thing, too," he explains, establishing himself as a voice of experience. "What you pay for jewelry isn't necessarily what jewelry is worth. If you pay $35,000  for a piece, it's probably only worth $35,000 dollars to you." Yet as he explains, Bun believes there's a deeper reason for the expensive habit. "Buying jewelry isn't really about the piece, or what you're buying, its the fact that you can buy it." 

He also touches on a fellow Texan, Travis Scott, who is currently enjoying a run as one of hip-hop's biggest superstars. "Coming from where he comes from, to make it to where he's made it at, usually doesn't happen," he explains. "It shows that there's something special about him and the way that he expresses himself musically, and the way that he's able to connect with people, particularly at his shows." 

Check out the video below, as well as our own interview with the Trill one, below. 

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