Burning Man announces ticket details and prices for 2022 edition

After a long two year break from the festival Burning Man, festival-goers are eager and excited to get their hands on tickets to this year edition taking place from 28 August till 5 September in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Thankfully the organisation behind the festival The Burning Man Project, has recently released the details behind the highly anticipated ticket sale.

The ticket sale will commence in numerous tiers across the months leading up to the festival, with the first phase named the FOMO sale taking place from 2 February, this is advertised as a guaranteed ticket which see prices being at their highest at around $1,500 to $2,500, and registration for these tickets is open now. The next tier is known as Ticket Aid Program sale and is stated on the Burning Man website to be available for “applications demonstrate that their circumstances merit financial assistance and convey their intended engagement in Black Rock City in a meaningful contribution to the community”. This sale begins on 16 March and will see around 5000 tickets on sale for around $225. Also occurring around this time on 9 March is the Steward ticket sale, price at $475, these tickets are offered to festival-goers who “Help co-create Burning Man and Black Rock City”.

The big event being the main ticket sale takes place on 30 March, with tickets priced at $575, and it’s expected to sell out in record time which is why pre-registration opens between 23 March and 25 March. The last chance sale being the OMG sale, is for any last-minute tickets that may be on offer. This will take place on 3 August and also has the same price tag of $575. More information regarding Burning Man can be found on the festivals official website here and make sure to let us know if you plan to attend Burning Man later this year.


Image Credit: Jim Urquhart

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