Burning Man Issues “Gentle Nudge” to Campsite Organizers, Spurring Speculation of 2021 Event

While large scale events for 2021 have generally remained on ice, Burning Man has sent out a signal to its theme camps to consider planning for a possible event this year.

To be clear: Burning Man organizers have not yet officially indicated that a 2021 event is in the cards. In mid-February the festival communicated to fans via an official blog post that it was "simply too early to make the call." In that same correspondence, they committed to deliver a final answer to stakeholders by no later than the end of May.

Despite the indecision, an email from Burning Man's placement team was recently sent to camp organizers suggesting they engage their camps. "Consider this a gentle nudge to start talking about your camp again," the email reads. "Put out your feelers among your campmates, and see how they’re thinking about Burning Man this year."

For any of the 1,200 camps comfortable with returning to Black Rock City in 2021, Burning Man's direction was for these camps to submit an early placement decision form by the end of the month. 

A Burning Man survey conducted in January with 30,000 respondents suggested the majority of attendees (66%) would be comfortable returning to Black Rock City if the public health situation allowed it. The results lend credence to the possibility of Burning Man potentially being able to hold an event later this year at reduced capacity.

Source: SFist


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