C Glizzy, 16-Year-Old Rapper & XXXTentacion’s Friend, Shot In The Head: Report

A popular up-and-coming rapper from Florida was critically injured after he reportedly suffered a gunshot wound to the head this weekend. The news has been followed by Madeleine Wright, a reporter for WPLG Local 10, who claims that C Glizzy, whose real name is Christian Moore, was rushed to the hospital after being harmed in Pompano Beach. The 16-year-old teenager underwent surgery where doctors removed a bullet from his head. C Glizzy is reportedly heavily sedated and is not speaking right now but his mother expects he will make a full recovery.

C Glizzy was affiliated with XXXTentacion, looking up to the rapper and posting several videos of them dancing together. As you are surely aware, X was killed in an armed robbery one year ago this month after stopping by a motorsports store in Florida. It has not been confirmed what the motive behind Glizzy's shooting was but the details are eerily similar. Glizzy was leaving a store in Pompano Beach on June 15 when he was reportedly targeted by the shooter who opened fire and struck his head.

Keep C Glizzy and his family in your prayers today. Sixteen is far too young to lose your life and we're sincerely hoping he can make it through and continue his music career.

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