Calvin Harris Announces Massive Changes To His Sound In 2018 [DETAILS INSIDE]

Calvin Harris is still the most successful DJ all time. That may kind give you an uncomfortable feeling reading that, but financially it is proven. The man is making so much money that it is now bordering on the absurd. Behind that massive influx cash lies a sound that has helped captivate the masses time after time. In his last critically acclaimed hit, “Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1”, Calvin worked in a sound that was centered in the pop and hip hop paradigm. He collaborated with artists like Ariana Grande and Young Thug. The success was enormous and even landed him a Grammy Nom for producer the year.

Now as 2018 is underway, Calvin Harris has announced he will be moving away from the pop and hip hop sound that helped his last compilation succeed so easily. What will Calvin focus on next? Well I personally hope he returns to his nu-disco, funk days but only time will tell!

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