Calvin Harris Reveals Total Rebrand & We Have No Idea What To Expect

Calvin Harris has unveiled a completely new look to go along with an expected shift in his sound… And no, we’re not talking about his recent decision to shave f his .

Days ago, a  popped up and now speculation that it had something to do with the DJ/producer’s musical shift has ficially been confirmed. Harris just shared the video below and a new prile pic to go with it.

Nuh Ready () could be the name an album, track, or even a new moniker — whatever it is, Calvin Harris will make sure the world hears about it on 2/8. Judging by the crazy face and skull imagery, this is going to be a drastic change up.

Not too long ago, Harris his plans to move on from the vibes put in place by his record Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1— before there was ever a Vol. 2.

Calvin Harris Promotes New Look



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