Cam’ron Is Tired Of Twerk Videos & Suggests An Alternative

Throughout Cam'ron's legendary career, it's likely that he's received many an unsolicited nudie pic from willing fans. In fact, such a notion was at the core of his "10,000 Miles" video, in which his excuses of "she was a nudist" did little to salvage his relationship. Yet all good things must come to an end, and as he looks toward the age of 44, Cam has grown tired of the tried and true courting method. Now, it would appear that he's looking to connect on an intellectual level. At least, if his latest Instagram PSA is to be believed.

 Cam'ron Is Tired Of Twerk Videos & Suggests An Alternative

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images

"Twerk videos is played out sis," reads the image. "Post a video of you reading out loud!" In the accompanying caption, Killa Cam elaborates on his stance with a digital shrug. "That shit turns me on. let’s check that pronunciation."

Of course, it's easy to read this as a joke, though one has to wonder if Cam is on the verge of creating a new movement. Perhaps he may be surprised to find his DMs swiftly transforming into an audio-book in real time, albeit one with a fragmented and mostly non-linear plot. Should that indeed be the case, might we be facing a world in which twerk videos cease to exist altogether? 

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