Cardi B Gives A Fan "Free Cardi Tickets Forever" For Insane "Press" Cover Art Tattoo

Recently, we reported that "Please Met" rapper Cardi B had appeared for her first day in a misdemeanour assault trial after she allegedly ordered for two strippers to get beat down. The news followed the release of Cardi's latest single "Press," a song which unleashed her irritation with not only the hounding media, but anyone who has challenged her in the past. The artist took to Instagram prior to the release of the single, to share the accompanying cover art with fans. The picture took a vintage style black and white effect, and featured a naked Cardi in handcuffs, being ushered out of court by police, and away from the bombarding paparazzi. The iconic NSFW picture made headlines, and now, a fan has even tattooed it on his leg!

We all know that the Bardi Gang goes hard for Cardi, previously proving their undying support and loyalty to her during difficult times. But this time, a fan proves he is DEAD serious about his admiration for the Bronx rapper, taking to tattoo a hyperrealistic rendition (props to the tattoo artist!) of the "Press" cover art on his thigh. Cardi took to Instagram to share a video of the final result, as well as gush over the sentiment, captioning the post: ":’)The love is real❤️❤️....You get free cardi tickets forever and a supporting friend ❤️Love my fans! Ya really give me strength."

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