Cardi B Poses Nude For "Press" Cover Art, Shares Song Teaser

It's not often we get a new single from Cardi B but when we do, you know it's bound to be a hit. The Bronx rapper has been teasing the release of some new music for quite some time. Back in December, in the midst of the whole Offset debacle, she previewed a new single called "Press." It was only a brief snippet that was recorded while she was in the studio but it garnered a lot of attention and people have been waiting for it since.

The single officially drops tonight and Cardi B gave her fans a bit of insight on what to expect. Much like the cover of "Money," Cardi posed naked for the "Press" cover art. Cardi takes on an old fashion theme for the cover art as paparazzi bombard her while she's surrounded by police escorting her out of court. Needless to say, the cover art is NSFW. Cardi also shared a snippet of the single in high quality. Mind you, it's only about three seconds and you barely get to hear the beat.

Back in 2018, there were reports that Cardi's deluxe edition of Invasion Of Privacy was going to drop this year and would include both "Money" and "Press" but that never ended up happening. Hopefully, we could expect a new album from Cardi at some point before the end of the year.

Peep the snippet of "Press" below.

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