Cardi B Reflects On Her Come Up & Admits She's Come "A Long F*cking Way"

Cardi B isn't wrong, she has come a long damn way since blowing up into a self-proclaimed millionaire who has a great relationship with the Billboard charts. From her Instagram commentary days to her Love & Hip Hop days followed by her rapping success to now being a mom with her husband Offset, Cardi B can now add 'front-row seated close to Anna Wintour' to her list of accomplishments. 

"I CAME A LONG FUCKING WAY!" she captioned the proof on Instagram. Entertainment Tonight caught up with Cardi before her entry into the show where she told the publication when she feels the most fabulous. 

"I feel effing fabulous after I finish taking a shower and I take my wig off," she said. "And I just feel refreshed and I be like,' Ah, you know what, I got these prisoner braids but I’m still beaut!' That’s when I feel fabulous!"

As for her fashion guilty pleasure: "My fashion guilty pleasure is spending money! Do you know what I’m sayin'? Spending money is just… guilty!"

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