Cardi B Slams "Fake" Accusations That She's Still Beefing With Nicki Minaj

When photos surfaced that saw Cardi B and Nicki Minaj talking at the Met Gala, it was a joyous moment for fans who felt they had to pick one or the other. It just proved once again that celebrity beef and feuds are instigated by social media and trolls more than the people involved. Another case social media hype has come up yet again but Cardi was quick to point out the fakeness before it blew up even more. 

The Instagram account below shared a photo that made it seem as though Cardi was still hating on Nicki. The meme she supposedly liked was a photo her and Nicki at the Met with the caption, "Cardi looking like I accept your apology but still don’t fwu."  Luckily Cardi was notified the photo and hopped in the comment section to shoot it down with a few words: “This shit is fake. Get f my dick!!!” 

This whole interaction and fake photo definitely sheds a light on people's photoshopping skills and the length people will go to stir fake drama. what do you guys think?

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