Cardi B Throws Back To 2016 Performance While Avoiding Elephant In The Room

Cardi B is either taking the high road in her feud against Nicki Minaj or she's blindly avoiding the topic at hand. The two have been going back and forth over the events that unfolded at a New York Fashion Week event over the weekend and after Nicki completely berated her rival on Queen Radio, Cardi has been seemingly avoiding the Nicki-sized elephant in the room. Instead, she's throwing things back to a performance she had in 2016 and reminding us all about her well her album sold.

Putting things into perspective, both could be subtle digs but could also qualify as a reach. Bardi decided today to remember how quick her come-up has been as over the course of two years, her career has absolutely blown up. "NO LABEL,NO RADIO PLAY,FRESH OUT OF LOVE AND HIP HOP,ONLY 200K IN MY BANK ACCOUNT," wrote Cardi as she reminisced over a video of herself on stage two years ago. She offered some words of encouragement in the caption, which may also be interpreted as subs. "Nobody can make you feel like you cheated yourself or you don’t deserve to be where you at when you KNOW YOU WORKED YOURSELF TO THE TOP," said the star.

Earlier in the day, Cardi reminded everybody of her quick rise to the top, stating that numbers don't lie in a reposted image from the HNHH Instagram account. Do you think Cardi will eventually respond or is she past the beef already?

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