Cardi B’s Daughter Shares Striking Resemblance To Sister Hennessy

Cardi B has only recently decided to share photos of her daughter to the world, showcasing the little cuties beauty, and more recently, her striking resemblance to her sister, Hennessy Carolina. In Cardi's latest share to Instagram, we can see a photo of Hennessy when she was a little baby in comparison to a recent photo of Kulture. Needless to say, both babies could pass as identical twins. 

"Bro this is weird 🤔i gave birth to another Hennessy," she captioned the image. Hennessy responded to the shoutout writing: "Haaaaan lol My twinny twin twinnnnn!😽😽😽💖😽💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️"

Cardi B recently responded to a fan's criticism of her not being the best role model for young girls. "I love you ALOT but I don't agree with the messages you've been sending us young girls. So many of us look at you as a role model and that should send a very loud message," the fan wrote.

"For these past two years I been watching what I say and I haven’t been myself," Cardi responded. "I been feeling trap and sad cause it’s not ME but everybody tell me to be it for me to be this “rolemodel”and guess what ? People still spit my past right in my face so for now imma be my old self again."

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