Cardi B’s Hitting The Gym Because She’s Never "Getting Surgery Again"

Cardi B hasn't been shy about her cosmetic surgery moves and the crazy side effects that come with it. The "Press" singer previously admitted to getting liposuction and since she didn't follow her doctor's wish to stay home and rest, Cardi had to cancel even more upcoming performances due to the dangerous post-surgery side effects. 

Cardi B's Hitting The Gym Because She's Never "Getting Surgery Again"
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

It looks as though Cardi has learned her lesson since she shared on Twitter that she will not be getting any more surgery and has opted to work out as a way to get lean, instead of going under the knife. "I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause bitch I ain’t getting surgery again😂😂😂but let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since," she wrote. 

In another tweet, Cardi detailed how she woke up and got a lymphatic massage which is a specialized massage that uses light pressure with long and gentle strokes to reduce toxins in your body and increase the flow of lymph. The massage sounds like something that was recommended for her swollen feet and post-surgery complications. 

Elsewhere in Cardi's string of tweets, she sent out one note that has us thinking that it could be an album title. The "Money" rappers told her followers to remember the name "Cardi V" which may or may not be the official name of her next body of work. 

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