Cardi B's Security Allegedly Accused Of Vicious Beatdown Following Met Gala

With last night's Met Gala taking place in New York City, plenty the year's greatest looks were showcased as fans waited for their favorite celebrities to grace the red carpet one the fashion industry's biggest annual events. Cardi B looked stunning for the party, celebrating the theme to its fullest potential but what occurred afterward may not be the best look she has rocked thus far in her career. R. Kelly once sang that after the party, it's the after party but for Cardi B's security team, after the afterparty comes beatdown time according to a video obtained by TMZ.

The video appears to have been captured on a witness' phone as Cardi seemingly shuns an overzealous fan who attempts to get her autograph. An argument can be heard briefly after the star refuses where somebody, likely from her team, warns the fan not to beg for the "Bodak Yellow" singer's signature. The clip was captured shortly after 2 in the morning when drama quickly ensued. The witness captioned their video by claiming that Migos' security had jumped the fan, viciously kicking, stomping and punching them to the ground. While they are closely linked, TMZ is reporting that one the men in the attack shown in the attack was pictured alongside Migos earlier in the night. 

The autograph seeker told police that he suffered back and neck pain before he was transported to the hospital by ambulance. The NYPD is currently investigating the incident as it appears that no charges have been made at this point.

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