Carnage And Steve Aoki Drop New Minimal Techno Track And It Is Pretty Damn Good

I went into this track expecting to absolutely roast it. It's name is just a bit too much for my liking and with how outspoken Carnage has been recently…well I did not expect something I would enjoy, let alone really like. But here I am listening to ‘PLUR Genocide' and digging the chance that Steve Aoki and Carnage embarked on in this project.

The track is mainly rooted in minimal techno and is entirely ominous. Yeah you read that right…Carnage and Steve Aoki dropped a track in the minimal techno paradigm. The kicks are dark, full staccato and give the tune a fantastic energy.

Unexpected Results In The Best Way Possible

While at points the tune strays in electro and/or big room, once it drops there is no question what the two were trying to accomplish. The one thing that did not mesh with me in this release were the annoying vocal samples which last just a bit too long. The pause from the music is at a point where it gets a bit awkward to listen to, but at the same time I can entirely see a crowd shouting out the short vocal hook.

So while many may disagree because it is the cool thing to do when artists take chances, this one really came out solid. Despite the haters and the odds…Carnage continues to push through 2018 with massive success.

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