Carnage And Steve Aoki Releasing New Single, 'PLUR Genocide' This Friday

Who hurt you Carnage? It was clearly somebody as he has decided for his next single in collaboration with Steve Aoki and LOCKDOWN, will be called ‘PLUR Genocide'. While many will think that this name is probably in a couple ways a bad call. Calling for mass killing in any capacity is usually a bad look, but I guess it is just an ideology so whatever.

The name clearly matches the sentiment Carnage over the last few weeks. He has started some kind vendetta against PLUR, as he feels those who practice peace, love, unity and respect do not enjoy or respect his music. Steve Aoki seems to be along for the ride on this one as he has worked in depth with the emergence EDM rap over the last year. Will this track work out? We will find out this Friday.

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