Carnage Demands Respect From Fans, Gets Put In Place By Darude And More

Carnage is kind confusing. He has enjoyed massive success in the last few years, yet refuses to enjoy it until he is treated like an all out legend. This has resulted in some unfortunate encounters for his brand over the last 2 years or so including the classic “very much way harder better” Razer production video, as well as the most cringe worthy Twitter beef with Deadmau5. Carnage even pulled himself f the Ultra 2018 line up due to the fact he felt that he was not respected in the curation the event. Regardless if his claims disrespect are legitimate or not, Carnage has had enough which led to this tweet.

Honestly this did not even effect me when I read it the first time as it is just usual Carnage rhetoric. But it got under the skin some the most respected artists in the game, who decided to chime in and remind Carnage what he wants is respect and not fear.

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