Carnage Teases New Collab with Steve Aoki "PLUR Genocide" [VIDEO]

Carnage wasn’t messing around with the whole “” thing — and apparently Steve Aoki and Lockdown are backing him on it as well.

The producer just announced their new collaborative track “PLUR Genocide” is dropping this Friday. It’s hard to make out what the new release will sound like from this short, muffled teaser alone, but we’re betting the song has a lot to say.

Recently, Carnage went on a after a concert goer bad mouthed his set. His whole point was based around his personal experiences with the PLUR community, which have been mostly negative. “Peace, love, unity, respect” is most definitely not what Carnage associates with PLUR and it sounds like this new single will shed some light on his perspective.

We doubt this new single will end “PLUR” life as we know it, but we can expect it to be pretty savage. Are you ready for this Carnage x Steve Aoki collab?

Carnage x Steve Aoki – “PLUR Genocide”



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