Casanova Issues Apology Following Backlash For Tossing Plastic Cup In Ocean

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, Casanova sparked outrage when a viral clip surfaced of the rapper casually tossing a cup he was drinking from into the ocean while on a jet ski.

The clip would even prompt the Miami News 7 station to craft an entire story surrounding the incident and has since prompted Casanova to issue an official apology for his actions.

"At the outset, please know my delayed response is the result of embarrassment, humiliation, and total regret," he begins in a lengthy caption attached to the news piece on Instagram. "This past holiday weekend, during my stay in Miami, Florida, I took to the oceans’ of the Biscayne Bay to enjoy the day on a yacht, and partake in water motorsport activities. Throughout the day, I made social media recordings of my time at sea. One of the 15-second footages exhibited me taking the last of a drink, and tossing the plastic drinking cup into the ocean. Please accept my most sincere apology for the aforementioned."

It is reported that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are allegedly investigating the video of Cas tossing the cup into the ocean. It's not entirely clear just what consequences the commission could issue if any. 

"My actions were not only harmful to the animals of that natural habitat; yet, disrespectful to our environment as a whole. I am an animal, and nature lover," he adds in his statement.. "4 weeks ago, I paid a visit to the Myrtle Beach Safari, to join forces, and shed light on saving Tigers and other rare species. I spent a great deal of time at their exhibitions’, and left with an even greater sense of regard and passion for animals."

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