Cash Cash Drops Future Bass Radio Banger 'Jewel'

Cash Cash have dropped their 1st track 2018, ‘Jewel' featuring vocals by Nikki Vianna, out now on Big Beat Records. ‘Jewel' is a track that is ready to hit the radio waves and also hit the club speakers at the same time.

‘Jewel' is the perfect blend future bass, pop music, and even a little bit trap in their as well. As usual with almost any Cash Cash track, they found the perfect match on the vocals to fit the vibe their track. Nikki Vianna's vocals are one the true highlights this entire track and couldn't have been a better match. With a  drop that will have EDM fans happy and a melody and vocals that will make the radio happy, this track has success written all over it.

Cash Cash has always been one my favorite EDM acts to do pop music, and their newest hit continues to prove why. Listen to ‘Jewel' below!


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