Cavs Fining Players For Biting On DeMar DeRozan's Pump Fake

In an effort to prevent players from biting on DeMar DeRozan's pump fakes, the Cleveland Cavaliers are once again fining players if they fall into DeRozan's trap. According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the Cavs have agreed to a $100 fine each time a player bites on DeRozan's pump fakes, similar to the way they did last year.

In the story posted by Windhorst, he notes that Cavs center Tristan Thompson did not fall for any DeRozan's tricks during Cleveland's 113-112 overtime victory in Game 1. 

 "Thompson was his energetic self, racking up 14 points and 12 rebounds. Maybe most important, he didn't bite on pump fakes that DeRozan tried to throw at him. The Cavs have a standing $100 fine for falling for DeRozan's trap, and Thompson didn't want to pay."

“I’m not trying to give up that money,” Thompson said. “I just had a kid, so I’m just trying to save up for their college tuition.”

Thompson's discipline paid f in crunch time, as DeRozan drove to the basket with Thompson on his hip and the Cavs clinging to a 1-point lead. When DeRozan got to the right block he pump faked multiple times but Thompson stayed on his feet, forcing the All-Star guard to kick it out to guard Fred Van Vleet, who missed the game-winning three-pointer.

The Cavs and Raptors will return to the Air Canada Centre tomorrow night, tipf is scheduled for 6pm ET.

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