Cement dust and talcum powder were found in drugs at Gottwood Festival

North Wales Police has revealed that substances handed in at were found to contain cement dust and talcum powder.

Having examined amnesty bin hand-ins at the Anglesey event, Chief Inspector Mark Armstrong blasted drug dealers for supplying festival-goers with what they thought were recreational drugs such as .

Armstrong said: “We have had drugs put into the amnesty bins particularly and MDMA but at very low levels.

“Interestingly we have also had substances deposited that people had obviously bought believing them to be drugs that were actually things like talcum powder or cement dust and not drugs at all.

“The fact unscrupulous dealers would sell someone pure talcum powder or anything else purporting it to be a drug says it all. If ingested then it could cause serious harm."

Gottwood can do basic substance tests onsite if someone falls ill, but admitted there are limitations to the process.

Tom Elkington, a Gottwood festival director, told : "What we do is test as much as we can but without qualified chemist’s on site we are limited to how much we can do. But if someone does feel unwell we can run some basic tests to check on the potency whatever substance they have taken.

“We can then get the message out social media, audible announcements and posters letting people know any particular dangerous mix drugs or high potency substances that may have found their way onto the site."

Drug safety organisation was onsite at Parklife Festival in Manchester last weekend and , being sold as MDMA, which can cause psychosis and insomnia.

Gottwood took place from June 7 to 10 and featured the likes , , , and Sonja Moonear.

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