Chamillionaire & E-40 Are Looking To Invest $25K In Startup Company

Rapper and businessman Chamillionaire is running his second contest of the year where he's giving away money. Well, technically he's investing in a business and he made the announcement on Instagram Wednesday evening. Back in February, during Black History Month, Chamillionaire ran a contest where he invested $10,000 in a black founder's company. There were so many applicants than that time around he wants to give someone else the opportunity to win financial backing as well. However, he made a few slight changes.

"We gon' keep that same energy and I'mma do it again, but this time I'm gonna invest in a minority or woman founded startup since those companies are still so underrepresented in this base," he said in the video. "And one of my portfolio companies is a platform called Republic which helps non-accredited people invest in startups. They're gonna help me judge this contest since I had so many entries in my last one."

The video then shows a FaceTime screen with rapper E-40 who says that he wants to partner with Chamillionaire. "This time I wanna join you and Republic, man. Let's put $25,000 together and give it to the best company. Let's invest in the best company. Let's go." Chamillionaire then explains how applicants can enter his contest, so if you're looking for an investor in your business, check out the video below.

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