Chance The Rapper Brings "Acid Rap" & "10 Day" To Streaming Services

The internet's golden mixtape era made yielded countless classic tapes, many of which helped kick off careers for some the game's current superstars. And while this era made for a veritable treasure trove of free music, the majority of tapes were left behind in the great streaming transition. Though we're currently seeing moves being made to bridge the gap, with Drake's So Far Gone and some of Wiz's formative drops recently hitting streaming platforms, there remain plenty of key holdovers. Now, Chance The Rapper has officially lightened the load, bringing two of his most acclaimed tapes to all platforms.

Chance The Rapper Brings "Acid Rap" & "10 Day" To Streaming Services

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

As of now, Chance's 10 Day and breakout project Acid Rap have joined the remainder of his catalog on Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and more. The move is a big one for those of us who value organization in our music collection, and a promising sign of developments to come. It's especially nice to see Acid Rap once again returning to the fold, which may very well serve as a reminder of what Chance is capable of.

It's no coincidence that his upcoming Owbum is right around the corner. Why not look to the past to prepare for the future? Stream some of Chance's essential material below, on your favorite streaming service.

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