Chance The Rapper Rips Fan Explicitly On Twitter

Chance The Rapper either woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or someone pissed in his Wheaties. 

Over the last year, Chance has been trying to be more spiritual, and take time to read his bible, but that wasn't the case today on Twitter. 

Apparently, longtime fans of Chance are not feeling his new music, and they let him know on the social media network. 

One fan, Chris Richardson‏ @cjrucsb, had this to say...

@chancetherapper people have different tastes and that's fine but the way you're talking to fans who've been with you since 10 day is disappointing and that ego reflects in the quality of your newest music

Well, Chance was not feeling the criticism and fired back with some of his own 

Eat a dick

Chance's harsh response sparked a back and forth "argument" between the two men, with each response from Chance ending in the same response, "Eat a dick."

Do you think Chance was being disrespectful? 

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