Chief Keef Stan Pledges Eternal Loyalty By Devouring A Lit-Ass Blunt

Superstardom comes with many perks, but an equal number of drawbacks should not be forgotten. For one, the presence of Stans, willing and able to break the boundaries of personal dignity in the quest for validation. Chief Keef, a legendary figure in the greater hip-hop pantheon, recently found himself faced with one such fan, as per the findings of XXL. In an Instagram clip, the drill icon found himself stopped by a young man, who appeared to be enjoying a blunt, nothing strange about it. Yet once the dedications began, it soon became evident that strange tidings were afoot.

Chief Keef Stan Pledges Eternal Loyalty By Devouring A Lit-Ass Blunt

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

While curious onlookers observe, Keef among them, the young man proceeds to devour the still-lit blunt while declaring his undying loyalty to the rapper. The unlikely display prompts an incredulous "the fuck?" from Keef himself, while the man proudly gestures, leaving us wondering about his thought process. You can all but discern the strange blend of pride and shame, of instant regret and the forced amassing of saliva. 

Sure, the dedication is admirable, however misguided the gesture may have been. It's unclear whether Chief Keef was moved by the display or simply disturbed. That's a question for the philosophers. 

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