Childish Gambino Wont Say The Meaning Behind His "This Is America" Video

Anyone looking for easy answers as to the meaning behind Childish Gambino's incredible new "This Is America" videovideo is out luck, as Childish won't be spilling the beans on video's message any time soon. 

TMZ caught up with Childish walking out The Peppermint Club in West Hollywood last night, were one the photographers asked him about the true meaning the video.

Childish rebuffs him casually, saying, "That's not for me to say."

There you have it. This isn't like your 9th grade English essay where you can have the book analyzed for you, this time we'll have to put the work in ourselves. There's a lot to unpack too. Childish's dancing and brutal executions are prominent and entrancing in the forefront, but there's so much going on in the background the video that it's hard to catch everything without repeated viewings, especially since most it is out focus.

There are some clues we can garner from those responsible for the video. The creative director for the video, Ibra Ake, has stated that the purpose the video was to "normalize blackness." Childish has even given some his own context, saying that the video was made for the Fourth July. Thats very fitting, considering the title.

The video has exploded in popularity over the few days since its release, and has inspired no lack critical analysis since. If you're interesting in checking out our take on the video, check out our analysis here.

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