Chill EDM Playlist Update: Shallou, Dinka, Lane 8, and Kaskade

To celebrate all the chill music being released, EDM Sauce has ficially updated their Chill EDM playlists thanks to the help SiriusXM Chill and Ben Harvey's #Chillworthy additions.

In this week's new chill music, we've added Kaskade's “Nobody Like You” Sun Soaked Mix, Shallou and Riah's “Lie,” Dinka and Sons Maria's “Campfire 2017,” Bronze Whale's “Patterns,” Autograf's “Dead Soon” Chill Mix,” and Lane 8's “Coming Back To You.”

For April 23 to April 29th, SiriusXM Chill's most popular song the week was Kaskade's “Nobody Like You” Sun Soaked remix.

Stream all the new chill dance songs on Spotify and Deezer below.

Chill EDM on Spotify

Chill EDM on Deezer

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