Chris Bosh Reportedly Sued By His Mother After Cutting Her Off

According to a report obtained by the Blast, Chris Bosh is being sued by his mother after allegedly taking away her home and some her assets. Freida Bosh alleges that her son had her sign papers back in 2005 according her full ownership a residence in DeSoto, Texas. She claims the contract carries with it, a promise to look after her financial needs for the test time.

In August last year, Freida was surprised to find out she wasn't the sole proprietor the property. She claims that her son's lawyer's distorted the paperwork to reflect a new agreement that gave her less control the situation. The lawsuit claims that her son Chris has tried to evict her on countless occasions since the two reportedly "fell out favor."

Chris' handling the situation is likely influenced by misdeeds that have occurred on the property while in his mother's control. In December, she was arrested for forcing a disabled person to use her cheque to pay the rental fees on the property. She was also suspect to charges aiding and abetting a drug operation on the property.That criminal case, it appears is still pending. Freida is seeking "unspecified damages" for essentially being cut f for a determined period time.

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