Chris Brown Alleges He’s Been Hacked After Trashing Karrueche’s BF Victor Cruz

Chris Brown is nearing his release date for Indigo and we wouldn't be experiencing a genuine CB album rollout without some controversy, right? The man has been one of the main sources of controversy in the music industry for years. He would likely agree when we say that whenever things start to look up for the singer, something happens to tear him right back down. This week, Breezy was caught allegedly creeping in his ex-girlfriend's Instagram comments years after their breakup. To top it all off, he was there dissing her current boyfriend Victor Cruz, telling Karrueche that she deserves an upgrade. Well, after all that, Chris is not owning up to the posts, seemingly addressing the comments in a new IG story by claiming he was hacked.

As reported by All Hip Hop, Chris Brown appears to be denying any wrongdoing regarding the comments left on Cruz' page yesterday. Before they were deleted, Brown allegedly told Karrueche to style her boyfriend, urging him to cop some new clothes. If you ask the singer though, he'll tell you that it wasn't him. "People going out they way," wrote the Virginia-raised superstar. "Leave them people alone and stop creating unnecessary drama! Whoever's been DM any of my followers or commenting as me is is lame asf."

Do you think Chris was the one who pressed send or is he being authentic when he says that somebody else wrote those messages?

Chris Brown Alleges He's Been Hacked After Trashing Karrueche's BF Victor Cruz

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