Chris Brown Flexes Flashy Cars Amidst Child Support Battle: "Thanos Send His Regards"

Chris Brown has a mean swagger and supplements his style with the finer things that his money can buy. The latest includes two luxurious whips.

The singer stunted on us all with photos of his colorful cars. The first comes in a shiny metallic gold, complete with a Nike logo for additional sauce. According to his captions, this is the type of ride he might hop into when he's "about to go hoop."

The next one channels the popular Marvel villain, Thanos, in its color. Chris leans on it, with a tilted hat, looking like a modernized G. 

Flexing is cool. The context of his stunting isn't optimal, however. The RnB star is currently in court, battling against his baby mama's financial request. The mother of his four-year-old claims that the child support he already pays should be increased based on his income. If his lawyers planned to undervalue his assets as a loophole-y tactic, they might have to forgo the approach if he continues to flaunt his riches. 

According to his ex, his daughter shares the same bed as her and is unhappy with her living arrangements. The child is also said to have turned to stealing from her grandma to help her mom make ends meet. 

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