Chris Brown Gets Hallucinatory New Paint Job On His Lamborghini

If Chris Brown's goal was to go unnoticed in his new whip, he failed miserably. However, if he plans on causing accidents and breaking necks, he passes with an A+. The singer took to social media today to show off the paint job he just got on one of his Lamborghinis and the end result is trippy, dreamlike and straight-up dangerous.

Chris Brown Gets Hallucinatory New Paint Job On His Lamborghini
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

If you drive past this car on the freeway, chances are you'd tilt your head to get a second look. Something about Chris Brown driving this vehicle on the road just doesn't feel safe but that's beyond the point. Breezy let us all get a sneak peek at his new car, which features one of the craziest paint jobs you've ever seen. If you remember Tekashi 6ix9ine's whip from Dubai, this is that on MDMA. With pitch-black wheels, it looks like the body of the car is floating on the ground and when you walk by it, the colours start to play tricks on your mind. Is it pink? Teal? Blue? Who even knows?

The insane new paint job has to have been an expensive job for Chris to undertake. He boasts an insane car collection and this is just the latest addition. At this point, Breezy probably has an entire dealership worth of vehicles in his garage.

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