Chris Brown Shares How New Psychedelic Lamborghini Was Created

When Chris Brown declares that it's his season, he goes all out to make sure the entire world is alerted. Last week, Brown shared a short clip of his illuminating, blacklight, glow-in-the-dark whip that stunned his followers. In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Brown took to his Instagram to give his fans a glimpse into how the paint job was created, and it looked to be an exhausting process.

The project began with a white Lamborghini that was just waiting for a colorful upgrade. A number of workers carefully applied each strip on color on the Lamborghini Huracan, a car that Car Scoops claims Brown has owned for years. "It was the very first in the U.S. outfitted with a Liberty Walk widebody kit, making it a real head-turner," the wrote. "Now, it has been transformed yet again by the folks at RDBLA into a 'baby Lambo' which stands out from all others."

The Los Angeles auto shop reportedly wrapped the Lambo with the symmetrical chrome design that changes colors depending on your angle of view and where you're standing. It's a visual, psychedelic adventure that is reportedly completed with purple headlights. Check out the creation of Brown's ride below.

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