Chris Rock Clowns DJ Khaled For Yelling On Tracks: "He The Best"

As famous as DJ Khaled is, many have constantly wondered what exactly he does. He's a DJ, yes, but it's not often that people see him behind the 1's and 2's. Even during his own live performances, he'll be behind the decks for a second but typically, he's center stage acting as his own hypeman more than anyone else. However, what he actually does in the studio remains to be a mystery to many. 

Chris Rock recently took to Instagram to poke fun at DJ Khaled. Sharing a meme of DJ Khaled peeping from behind a door, Chris Rock clowned DJ Khaled for the one thing he's known to do the best: screaming on records. The meme reads, "That's a nice song you got there... mind if I yell my name on it?" With a touch of sarcasm, Rock captioned the post, "Best producer in the game. He the best."

DJ Khaled is fresh off of the release of his latest project, Father Of Asahd where he has credits as a producer on every song, often as a co-producer. He previously explained his role in the studio in an interview with Genius in 2015. More so than just bringing together the right producers and collaborators, he explained that he's very hands-on with arranging everything from the beat to the vocals to make sure it's a hit record. 

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