Christian "King" Combs Mourns Kim Porter With Beautiful Picture

Last November, Kim Porter passed away at the age of 47, due to a battle with pneumonia. Since then, her former partner Diddy and their children have been trying to pick up the pieces, grieving the loss with every passing day. A few weeks back, Puff opened up about her heart-wrenching final message to him, in which she implored the mogul to "take care of her babies."

Today, one of her sons, Christian Combs, took to Instagram to once again memorialize his mother. The picture, captioned with "I MISSSSSS YOUUUUU!!!!," finds mother and son together during a simpler time; it's bittersweet to behold, the happiness of the past paired with the depressing reality of the present.

Diddy took a moment to comment on the picture, expressing his own grief for his longtime girlfriend. It's clear that Porter's loss will continue to loom over the Combs family, who continue to receive support from their friends, fans, and family. Hopefully Christian, Puff, and the rest of their children will find peace with every passing day. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Combs family, and once again, rest in peace Kim Porter. 

Christian "King" Combs Mourns Kim Porter With Beautiful Picture

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

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