CID Gives '99 Red Ballons' An Infectious Modern Day Update

CID is honestly one my favorite producers at the moment. I initially heard about him through Kaskade, who was supporting his tracks for quite sometime. Over the past few years, CID's unique approach to house and his now instantly recognizable staccato style helped him crawl out the shadows and into the limelight. Talented in production for both remixes and originals, CID is an incredibly well rounded producer. So it is no surprise that he was tapped for ficial remix duty on Oliver Nelson & Tobtok recreation Goldfinger's EDM classic, '99 Red Ballons'.

CID's take on the track is the definition an infectious dance floor hit. Keeping the classic vocal hook, CID instead focuses on the background beat for this edit. As things build up, tension is released into a wild chopped and muted vocal break down. This tune a lot fun as you get the best both worlds – a classic, as well as an incredible modern day sound. Check it out below.

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